Focused Physical Therapy

in Holland, Lakeshore, and West Michigan
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Years of Experience

Years of Experience

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Find healing.
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BJPT located in West Michigan, along the Lakeshore, and in Holland

Injuries and pain can rob you of your time and enjoyment of life. You want your body to heal and allow you to return to your day to day activities. Don't suffer any longer with Head, Jaw, or Body Pain. Say "no" to Pain Medication or Invasive Procedures!

BJPT offers individualized one-on-one treatment sessions in West Michigan, along the Lakeshore, and in Holland. At BJPT, my goal is simple. I want to help you control your pain and live your life the way you want. I want to be part of your health care team for life.

  • Experienced Physical Therapist - BJ provides one-on-one physical therapy focused on the needs of each patient.
  • Ergonomics Assessments - Workspace ergonomics assessments make working from home or spending more time in the office pain and injury free.
  • Mobile Option - If you cannot come to the clinic, we can find a way for me to come to you.

Here's how we get you feeling great again

Thorough Assessment

Thorough Assessment

The first step is always a comprehensive assessment of your situation. I'll work to uncover what contributes to your pain, and we'll talk about your healing goals.

Your Recovery Plan

Your Recovery Plan

We'll discuss a plan to get you back to your life pain-free. I'll outline how long your recovery treatment is likely to be, and how much time you'll need for exercising to speed your healing.

Enjoy Your Active Life Again

Enjoy Your Active Life Again

A maintenance program keeps you from reinjuring yourself and keeps you pain-free for life!

Take back your life and start living pain-free again!

Our services

We offer a variety of services,
all tailored to your specific pain patterns.

Why choose us?

BJ Johnson Physical Therapy?

Doctor with Patient in Room

What is "Focused Physical Therapy"?

  • One-on-One - First and foremost, Focused Physical Therapy is one-on-one individual treatment. I work with one patient for your entire session. You always see me, and you will always have my full and complete attention.
  • Specific  - You have a specific pain or an injury that brings you to physical therapy. Or you may have a goal you want to achieve. This remains our focus for your treatments.
  • Efficient  - The plan we develop together works to get your results in the fewest possible visits. Your time and resources are valuable. I want to help you make the most of them.
  • Personal  - Physical Therapy treatment is based on what you and I choose to focus on. This is YOUR session, so we can tailor it anyway you like. This may mean we change our focus over time and even meet in different locations.

BJPT offers individualized one-on-one physical therapy treatment sessions in West Michigan, along the Lakeshore, and in Holland. Mobile sessions are available on request. With years of experience, BJ can help you with any orthopedic needs, including head and neck pain, TMJ and vertigo.

A Fee-for-Service Physical Therapy Clinic

All physical therapy treatment sessions are one-on-one with BJ, who is an expert Manual Physical Therapist.

The rates for treatment sessions with additional services vary, so please call us at (616) 377-7020 to inquire about pricing. As a fee-for-service clinic, we are not in-network with insurance companies. We can provide receipts upon request that include codes to send in self-claims to your insurance company.

Please see our ABOUT US page to learn more about how the changes in many health insurance plans and deductibles make it less expensive NOT to use your insurance for your physical therapy.

Doctor Explains...

It feels hopeless when
pain holds you back.
We set you free.

  • Results-driven, measurable, customized care plan
  • Access to the most current tools and techniques that get results
  • A majority of patients report feeling improvement after the first few visits

Are you uncertain that Physical Therapy
is the solution to your pain?

Setup a Free Phone Consultation with us and find an end to your problem!